• I've seen firsthand how United truly is just that...united. I believe real estate is about building relationships...relationships with clients as well as relationships with our United family -- locally and nationally. We are interconnected and stand ready to help one another meet our client's needs. I received a referral from another United office in our state that ended in a successful closing. I didn't know the referring realtor, but the strength of our network gave her the confidence to trust the caliber of realtors that work for United. This demonstrates that it's not just about the sale, it's about relationship. Our team across the country is committed to doing our very best to help a client successfully navigate buying and selling real estate.

    Lisa Grimes
    Lisa Grimes United Real Estate | Columbia
  • We've used with agents from our sister company, United Real Estate. It's a high-quality, professional site, that allows for documentation of all the necessary information regarding the lead. It's an extremely easy way to refer leads in either direction. We look forward to using it more, with agents from both United Real Estate, and United Country!

    David Kreager
    David Kreager United Country | Michigan Lifestyle Properties
  • Being in a community that has a large teaching hospital, we have a vast number of medical professionals that relocate here regularly.  I had the pleasure of working with a client relocating from Las Vegas. She wanted to buy a house, but had yet to sell her home in Las Vegas. After hearing about United Real Estate’s referral program, I contacted them and heard back immediately. There was not a United Real Estate or United Country Real Estate office near my client’s home in Las Vegas but the referral network connected my client to a local agent that came highly recommended. That agent promptly listed my client’s home and within 30 days, it sold. Working with the team at the United Referral Network felt very personal. They were always quick to respond when I had questions or concerns and I received my referral fee once the transaction was complete! I believe my client walked away feeling United had a strong family feel and was impressed with how smoothly the transaction took place.

    Joanna Hopkins
    Joanna Hopkins United Real Estate | East Carolina
  • I have to say how incredibly impressed I am with United Real Estate Group! I have a friend and her mother down in rural Panama in need of a real estate agent. After submitting the online referral form, Dan Duffy, CEO and the United Referral Network team took the reins and facilitated the entire process. I am so proud and excited to be part of such an amazing network of people and a terrific company. I feel very fortunate to have landed with United Real Estate | Dallas! The sky is the limit!

    Thom Christensen
    Thom Christensen United Real Estate | Dallas
  • The United Referral Network has been great to work with. The process is super simple. The referrals are qualified and ready to list or buy. It's like finding money in your pocket!

    Travis Kaddatz
    Travis Kaddatz United Country | Texas Realty and Auction
  • Quick and easy. That is what the United Referral Network is! I recently had a client move to the Washington, D.C. area. They were in a rental until they decided exactly where they wanted to live. When it came time to purchase, I registered them with the United Referral Network and within hours they were contacted by a United Real Estate | Washington DC Agent. They were very happy with the Agent and I was super happy with the care my clients received. Once they closed, the United Referral Network sent the referral fee to me!

    Karen Martin
    Karen Martin United Real Estate | Dallas
  • I absolutely LOVE the United Referral Network! I preach the importance of using this amazing income-producing tool to the other agents in the office. Everything went smoothly, communication was timely and professional…what more could you ask for as a referring agent?

    Ernie Becker
    Ernie Becker United Real Estate | Queen City
  • The United Referral Network is an amazing resource and I will use it whenever I have a client looking to buy or sell outside of my market area. It was easy to submit the referral online and once my referred transaction closed, I was paid my referral fee. I had a check in hand within 90 days of submitting the referral!

    Peter Tang
    Peter Tang United Real Estate | Los Angeles
  • I highly recommend that all agents use the United Referral Network for their referrals.  I submitted multiple referrals that closed, and each time was an excellent experience. It is great to have the ability to refer clients between United Real Estate and United Country Real Estate - my clients love it and I love that I can provide a concierge level service to them, making them more likely to do business with me in the future.

    Debra Jones
    Debra Jones United Real Estate | Dallas
  • I highly recommend the concierge referral services that United Real Estate Group provides its agents. The simplicity of the process and thoroughness of the follow-up communications are ideal, and impressive to my clients. The United Referral Network team goes above and beyond to be polite and accommodating, ensuring our clients’ needs are taken care of timely and professionally.

    Eric McAnallen
    Eric McAnallen United Real Estate | Lexington


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